Annealing is used for purposes such as dopant diffusion/activation, oxide/glass densification, repair of damage done to crystal structure by ion implantation, silicide formation, reflow of PSG and BPSG to smoothen and flatten the surface, and film stress release. It is typically done in an atmosphere of either nitrogen, argon, or forming gas (hydrogen in nitrogen). The hydrogen in the forming gas passivates the substrate's surface and deactivates interface carrier traps.

  • Batch size: 100 in 18" flat zone or 200 in 34" heater
  • Process Gases: Nitrogen, forming gas (N2 / H2), Argon
  • Process Temperature: 400 - 1100 °C
  • Process Duration: 1 - 180 min.

Applications: stress relief, oxide/glass densification, glass reflow, dopant diffusion/activation, passivation

Atmospheric Processes