Tystar reactor systems are excellent tools for use in the study of future nanowire possibilities. Tystar has been working closely with universities for many years and offers the most up-to-date equipment technology for nanowire R&D.

Nanowires can be produced in one of the three forms at large, Vertically Aligned Nano Wires (VANW), Horizontally Aligned Nano Wires(HANW), and Randomly Oriented Nanowires (RONW). Material composition of the nanowires ranges from pure metals to semiconductors and to oxides. Si nanowires may be doped depending on the type of application.

Nanowires are believed to play a key role in the next-generation electronic technology (or the so-called Nano Electronics). Doping of nano silicon wires has already been demonstrated by lab experiments. Although nano wire semiconductor devices still remain in the lab experiment phase, they will be built into logic circuits in the near future. Nano wires are being investigated for their potential use in:

  • Bio and chemical sensors
  • Batteries, energy storage and harvesting systems
  • Photonic crystals, photonic waveguides, and light trapping devices
  • Quantum dots, MOSFET, logic gates, and interconnects
  • Thermoelectric and photovoltaic conversions
  • Photo catalysis

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