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The Tystar CAL-STAR 400 Mass Flow Calibrator is a portable, secondary standard test instrument designed for easy field calibration of all commercially available mass flow meters and mass flow controllers with standard pin configuration.

The CAL-STAR 400 includes four precision Mass Flow Meters (Flow Standards) with selected ranges from 0 to 10 slpm as reference units. The reference Mass Flow Meters are calibrated with traceability to NIST Standards.

The CAL-STAR 400 comes with an optional Windows-based data collection software which inputs data obtained in real-time to a built-in spreadsheet program. The data can be represented in graphical form for further analysis and evaluation. For each flow calibration, a graph is created which compares the test unit with the standard readout. The test data are transferred to a word processor where a calibration document is generated. The CALSTAR 400 data collection software has a user friendly menu for easy access to new and previously saved calibration data.

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