Have you ever experienced an abrupt malfunction of your CVD furnace? You are only a few days away from an important deadline but your equipment company is slow to respond to your S.O.S. Or, as the production manager, you receive a report on the unstable behavior of your CVD furnace but the equipment company says you have to wait two weeks just to get a technician to arrive at your site. Rest assured! This will never happen with Tystar's equipment. Tystar furnaces are extremely robust and reliable. Even in the event of a malfunction, our engineers will walk you through a manual operation mode so that system operations can continue until we get there. This is only one of the 33 reasons why you should buy Tystar products. Our engineering team, with over 30 years of experience, is quick to respond, highly experienced, and will never give up until the issues are completely resolved. Tystar's mission is to meet the semiconductor/MEMS industries needs with quality products and service. As the CEO of Tystar Corporation, I personally guarantee your full satisfaction as detailed in our catalog.
― Dr. Wayne H. Choe, Chief Executive Officer

High Return on Investment

  • Tystar's proprietary isothermal system design enables.
  • Very affordable price, beating any leading manufacturer.
  • A small footprint, saving expensive clean room space.
  • High efficiency through reducing gas and electricity use by > 50%.

Advanced Features

  • Each process tube (chamber) has its own monitor control computer.
  • The computer has multiple recipes stored.
  • The computer will retain its memory for 30 days in the event of a brown or black out.
  • The temperature controller has a dual algorithm with feedforward as well as pid functions.
  • Sliding PCB drawers and swivel control consoles are used for ease of maintenance.
  • All software used in the system is secs ii compatible.
  • There is power on diagnostics.
  • Gas control panels and scavenger exhausts are designed with low particle generation in mind.

Excellent Post-Sales Support

  • 24 hour response to any inquiry or service request even after the warranty expires.
  • Unlimited process and system support for the entire lifetime of the equipment.
  • Process data support utilizing the largest library of process data gathered over 30 years.

Robust & Reliable

  • Auto/manual switching in the event of an unexpected controller failure.
  • Sophisticated and high speed controls.
  • Rigorously tested and certified parts.
  • Individual tube control for failure independence from tube to tube.
  • Eprom established safety controls.
  • A multi-step abort sequence to prevent damage to the process or equipment in the event of an emergency shut down.

33 Reasons to Pick Tystar

  1. Layout Flexibility: Tystar furnace layouts can be configured specifically to fit into a customer's clean room floor plan.
  2. Autonomous Control of Tubes: Each individual tube has its own control computer which can run autonomously without affecting other tubes in case of computer failure.
  3. Auto/Manual Switching: Gas, boat loader, and temperature controls can run in the manual mode should there be a failure of the tube computer.
  4. Isothermal Chamber: Our patented isothermal chamber design results in outstanding process control which guarantees superior uniformities and low operation costs.
  5. Multiple Recipe Loading: The tube computer can accommodate multiple recipes so no downloading is required when changing recipes.
  6. Battery Backup: Each tube computer has a battery backup to retain the configurations and recipes for 30 days and no downloading is required when a power failure occurs
  7. Multi-Step Abort Sequence: A multi-step abort sequence is utilized to protect the product and equipment in case a power failure occurs.
  8. Auto/Manual Display & Control: In the event all computer controls fail, it is still possible to monitor and control the gas panel in the manual mode.
  9. PID Closed Loop Pressure Control: Tystar's MFS-460 gas controllers do not require external set points for closed loop pressure control.
  10. Local TCU Control/Diagnostics: In the event all computer controls fail, the temperature controller runs in the manual mode.
  11. Flat Temperature Ramping: An algorithm is built into the TCU logic for synchronizing each temperature zone.
  12. Recipe Guarantee: Tystar offers starter recipes for every process utilizing its extensive library of process recipes with guaranteed process verification.
  13. Small footprint: Tystar's patented isothermal design creates the smallest footprint furnaces, which utilize lessclean room space.
  14. High Efficiencies: Tystar's patented isothermal design creates low gas and electricity usage.
  15. Maintenance Friendly: All Tystar furnaces are designed for easy access to all parts for ease of maintenance. We designed easily removable back panels for hard-to-reach parts. Electronic and electrical components are placed in sliding drawers, along with a slide-out interface plate. All other components are very easily accessed.
  16. Adaptable Quartz Boat Design: The Tytan furnace systems can accept all wafer sizes from chips to 2-8' wafers and still maintain excellent uniformity by just changing the wafer boat. No equipment changes are necessary.
  17. Rigorously Tested Parts: All parts used on Tytan furnace systems are name brand and certifiable. They have been rigorously tested over an extended period of time.
  18. Proven Supplier Record: Tystar has a large worldwide installation base with over 1200 tubes installed. We can supply excellent customer references.
  19. Strong Customer Network: Tystar's customer network is comprised of prestigious universities, laboratories and corporations, including: National Institute of Standards and Technology, Harvard University, Jet Propulsion Lab, Communication Research of Canada, National Research Council of Canada (NINT), University of Alberta, UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech., Stanford University, University of Texas, Dallas and Arlington, UCLA, USC, UCSB, Princeton University and many more.
  20. Rapid Response (24 Hour): Tystar will respond to any service or support request within 24 business hours.
  21. Lifetime Support: Complete process and technical support for the entire lifetime of the equipment.
  22. Dedicated Team: Tystar's primary engineers have worked together for over 25 years.
  23. Top-Rated Performance: Tystar has affordable pricing for top-rated equipment performance and technical support.
  24. Support on Peripherals: Other vendor clean room fab peripherals can be purchased through Tystar.
  25. SCE II Protocol: Each control component has Semiconductor SECS II protocol embedded in the software.
  26. Multiple Safety Features: Examples include: door must be closed to continue processing, gas flows must be accurate and mixed properly, proper pressure must be present before processing and many more. Customer designed safety features can be included.
  27. Dual T/C: Temperature is controlled by a profile T/C, using spike T/Cs as backup and power measurements as tertiary backup so no wafer load is lost due to T/C failure.
  28. Power On Diagnostics: Each process tube has extensive Power On diagnostics.
  29. Remote Access Diagnostics: Available for quick analysis and rectification from Tystar's facility.
  30. Clean Exhaust: A unique proprietary exhaust system for Silicon Nitride has been developed, with the help of UCBerkeley, to lower maintenance and prevent hazing on wafers.
  31. Built In Door Torque Down Logic: Tystar's boat loader has a built in torque down routine which assures a good, tight door seal.
  32. Low Particle Generation: Tystar furnaces are designed for low particle generation
  33. Dedicated Engineering Support Team: Tystar's engineering team has a proven record of excellence in furnace design.